the artist, amanda koh

Born with a passion for horses, it only seemed natural for Amanda to possess a talent for drawing them. Through a combination of raw artistic talent, learned knowledge of the body of horses and a passion for the equine spirit, Amanda creates powerful paintings and drawings of their soulful essence and form.

Imagining herself as one of these beings, Amanda enters the horse’s mind and body – sensing the horse’s movements through herself, with their joyful exuberance of flight without wings… and seeks to capture these moments on canvas for all to share.

There is something so spiritual and generous about these creatures. Those that are attracted to them, often connect very deeply with Amanda’s art. With this gift to share with others, comes a strong sense of purpose and meaning in Amanda’s life. The horse, and the expression of the deeper connections they provide, is what the artist strives to emulate, with each new piece she creates.

Amanda places herself before canvas, always asking for this spirit to come through her. Technical skill plays a part in her work, but the true gift of connection is something obtained from another realm. Many artists call this connection, “the flow”. When this gift is given, it is nothing short of a miracle.

Amanda believes that any art created with this connection, is a masterpiece. To her, true art, is a product of an effortless state of mind achieved during the process of expression. As such, any product or activity can be included in this definition. It is not limited to "art" as we currently define it. However, by the same token, much can be excluded.

Anyone gifted with even the occassional connection to source, owes it to themselves and society, to allow this flow to occur... to present themselves in front of the task or activity which creates this connection. Artists serve a purpose we maybe do not fully understand at this time. We should seek to support artists in living to create – to channel these expressions from another realm. In the eyes of this artist, these are gifts for humanity, and should be shared as freely as possible. Supporting artists in whatever ways we can, allows this freedom of expression and sharing to occur.

To understand more of how Amanda feels this can be done with her art, as well as the art of other artists choosing to adopt these methods, please read the information on shared royalties, caretaking and shared visions below.

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